I did it!

I actually went to the gym after work yesterday! 🙂

I did:

15 mins on the stationary bike
5 mins on the stepper (elliptical)
20 mins on the treadmill

Doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a start. I HATE going to the gym. I hate sweating. I hate that other people can WATCH me as I work out. And I totally forgot to take a book/magazine with me, so I was bored outta my friggin’ mind.

I wasn’t overly sweaty (thank goodness), but I was definitely “warm” by the time I left.

You’d think, after the exercise, I’d have slept REALLY well.


Woke up at 0130, 0230 and 0330. WTF?!

Debating about doing strength training at the Y or just doing it at home. If I DO go to the Y, I’m going to WALK to the Y. Get a bit of cardio in as well. 😉


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