The Idiots Find New Names

CyNicAlbEnt (12:44:47 PM): Jen its Jerry…
B(12:45:04 PM): uh huh
CyNicAlbEnt (12:45:22 PM): 2 questions…..
CyNicAlbEnt (12:45:30 PM): why are you blocking me from AIM?
CyNicAlbEnt (12:45:45 PM): and why did you post the conversations onto your live journal?
B (12:46:06 PM): i’m done with the two of you and your insane relationship…it’s C and Voldemort all over again
CyNicAlbEnt (12:46:34 PM): thats fine that you are done with us…. was it truly necessary to post the convo online?
B (12:46:49 PM): it was to slap Thu, i know she reads it
CyNicAlbEnt (12:47:28 PM): and in the end it just comes right back onto me which seriously i dont need
CyNicAlbEnt (12:48:22 PM): i was having a really really really bad day yesterday and appreciated all of your listening then, but seriously this live journal post does not help anyone
CyNicAlbEnt (12:48:41 PM): can you kindly remove the postings?
B (12:49:03 PM): i’ll take them down in a bit
B (12:49:10 PM): kindly keep your bitch on a leash
CyNicAlbEnt (12:50:38 PM): just remove the posts asap please. really didn’t need this particular headache
B (12:51:05 PM): you CHOSE that headache…deal with teh pain, you’ll have it for as long as you CHOSE to take it
CyNicAlbEnt (12:51:42 PM): i will deal with Thu as necessary, but really i didn’t need you piling that on top
B (12:52:26 PM): wasn’t my agenda to cause you agita, however, i realize my petty little dig at the child did trickle down
B (12:52:38 PM): and i’m sorry it’s caused you problems, however, i’m not sorry i did it
CyNicAlbEnt (12:53:58 PM): i am handing control back to her now. she has a few questions that she would like to ask and I am hoping that both can have a civil conversation about this
CyNicAlbEnt (12:54:19 PM): What the hell is your problem?
B (12:54:32 PM): i don’t have one, apparently you two do
CyNicAlbEnt (12:54:32 PM): Your posts are PUBLIC
B (12:54:36 PM): yes, they are
B (12:54:41 PM): when i choose them to be
CyNicAlbEnt (12:54:53 PM): its not your right to post our convo on LJ
B (12:55:03 PM): don’t read it then
CyNicAlbEnt (12:55:12 PM): Fuck you fat bitch
B (12:55:26 PM): no thank you, skanky ho’s aren’t my thing
CyNicAlbEnt (12:55:29 PM): I know how you and C met, disgraceful
CyNicAlbEnt (12:55:39 PM): YOU the skank LOL

B(12:55:49 PM): i don’t pimp myself out for money
CyNicAlbEnt (12:55:56 PM): you pimp yourself online
B (12:56:00 PM): nope
CyNicAlbEnt (12:56:25 PM): C with fuck ANYONE, but you just once and he don’t want to come back LOL

CyNicAlbEnt (12:56:28 PM): will*
CyNicAlbEnt signed off at 12:56:41 PM.


Comments on: "The Idiots Find New Names" (19)

  1. Anonymous said:

    The idiots
    OMG Jen where did you find these people?! lol Ok so you shouldn’t have posted personal conversations. Should have taken it down when asked. BUT, someone needs a life and deal with their own relationship. Someone needs to grow up and curb their mouth too I think. lol

  2. Re: The idiots
    What can I say? You get tired of being asked for advice and having that advice ignored. You’re right tho. Shouldn’t have posted the convos, I’ll take them down shortly.
    As for growing up and dealing with their own messes…don’t hold your breath…

  3. Anonymous said:

    assuming that one of the two rocket scientists copied and sent their conversation to you…correct? So sounds to me like its their own damn fault…and its not like you put their first and last names with it…although, i’d like to know…hahahaha…their relationship is like a reeeally bad soap opera! 🙂

  4. Anonymous said:

    Re: The idiots
    Noooo! don’t take em down!! I want my friends to read for a good laugh!!

  5. Re: I’m…
    You would be correct in that assumption. Oh this soap opera just gets worse…it’s like a REALLY bad episode of some stupid reality show like The Real World or Big Brother
    If it wasn’t real, it’d be damn comical. LOL

  6. Re: The idiots
    HA! Damn, and I thought I was the only evil one.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Re: I’m…
    hehehe…one question…does the guy really smell, not shower very much and not brush his teeth???? icky!

  8. Re: I’m…
    i have NO idea LOL But from what I understand, he brushes his teeth at LEAST once a day…but maybe not at all on the weekends…he’s a GUY for cryin in the mud! And (SOME) guys are just disgusting when it comes to personal grooming

  9. Anonymous said:

    Take Down
    I have requested that this be taken down before and this seems to be the only forum I can express that in so I do realize I am posting here to have it taken down.
    Trust is one of those very tricky things. You think you can trust someone and then have it thrown in your face. If the logic is that you do not want to offer more advice, then how does that fit into posting this onto your site? Is this instance you do not need to worry about me asking you for your advice. I am not interested in whatever future problems you have in potential relationships so I suggest you drop interest in mine as well and leave all this alone. Knowing your “evilness” I doubt you will listen to anything at this point but I have exhausted nearly all other options.

  10. Re: Take Down
    I said it would come down and it will.
    You’ve done your fair share of trust-tossing. The logic had nothing to do with you. It was a final slap to an offensive waste-of-human-flesh.

  11. Anonymous said:

    Re: Take Down
    THIS post, however, will remain, as it IS mine.

  12. Anonymous said:

    Look lady, I’ve never met you before and have only talked to you online ONCED. I was not rude nor was I offensive when I chatted with you. Your way of “slapping” me is ineffective since I don’t even know you. I don’t care if you post our convo up here, but believe me when I said J is very shock and devastated that you’ve betrayed his trust. He sent you the convo to vent. You act like you and him arent close. You act like he’s never been to your house and talked with your son. You know, you’re lucky he’s not gonna play dirty, like post YOUR shameful convo with a certain someone else on here.
    Beware “friends”, your convos may be posted on here too LOL.

  13. Re: Shady
    The word is ONCE, not ONCED. (And actually, it was twice online) However, knowing your background, I can let most of the mis-spellings slide. And I count myself blessed that I’ve never had the misfortune to meet you in person.
    I could care less about any “shameful” convos I’ve had. I know they’re around in cyberspace. He sent me copies of those convos for a reason. For my advice and my interpretation. He chose not to listen. You two deserve each other. I just hope you two keep the shit where it belongs…with you two.

  14. Anonymous said:

    Re: Shady
    You’re so shady. You never told him to stop asking for for advice. You should’ve talked it with him first. This was his first time realizing that you don’t want to hear his problems.
    Calling me stupid? You earned your BS degree in 8-9 years. Guess some people are just slow like that LOL.

  15. Re: Shady
    The only “slow people” are you and your boyfriend. I DID tell him I didn’t want to hear it anymore.
    I paid my own way thru college, I didn’t weasel money out of others to do so.

  16. Anonymous said:

    Re: Shady
    Oh please. Why are you so resentful? Why so nasty? Is is b/c C refuses to sleep with you more than once? You need a man that badly hon?

  17. Re: Shady
    Just shows how little you actually know.
    Obviously you’re the one who needs a man. For his money.

  18. Anonymous said:

    Re: Shady
    Oh I don’t even know you. It’s Christmas, cheer up a little. Ciao!

  19. Re: Shady
    Happy Christma-hana-kwanza to you too! May you get all you deserve. 🙂

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