It’s been a very dental time lately.

Jacob has a tooth coming in that looked a little weird to me.  But what really prompted me to seek a dental opinion was the status of his baby tooth.  Jacob grinds his teeth, or at least, he did.  He ground them so much, his upper 4 incisors are all the way to the gum line.  You can see the rings on the teeth.  Similar to growth rings on a tree.  Thankfully, milk teeth don’t have nerves, so he doesn’t feel any pain.

However, because they are so short, they won’t wiggle and fall out.  They’re certainly loose and “wiggle” but not like your average, “Look Mom!  My tooth is loose!” kind of way.  Therefore, his permanent teeth will just have to push them out.  And rather than this actually happening, his baby tooth is growing up the front of his gum line:-/

So, I called the dentist to see if I should be concerned.  The dentist took a panoramic x-ray and determined Jacob to have a supernumary tooth.  A completely useless extra tooth that can seriously screw up the spacing of his teeth.  A trip to the orthodontist was recommended.  Lovely.

Looking at the xray, I thought he was MISSING a tooth.  The supernumary tooth is a mal-formed tooth.  Looks rather phallic on the xray (unfortunately, xrays don’t scan well).  However, there IS a little chicklet shaped tooth behind it, so Jake will not be without a front tooth.


So, conclusion, Jake will have crowded, yet normal, teeth.  He WILL need braces in his future.  Bummer.

As for me…


It is now, almost, completely inline!!!  YAY!!!!

I didn’t really notice it until this past weekend, but I’d say it’s been “pretty” for about a week now.  I can NOT express how elated I am!

As soon as I locate my camera, I will take a picture so you can do your own “before and after” analysis.  😀


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  1. Your tooth hadn’t taken very long. I’m still pondering getting mine fixed.

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