In Review


Home from work a little early.  Mom and I rearranged Inny’s bedroom.  Flows MUCH nicer now.  Took us longer than I had anticipated, but at least it’s done and should be more amenable to her condition and laziness.

Afterward, we all went to dinner.  My mom requested the local diner.  She wanted fried flounder.  Jake got pancakes and I got shirmp scampi over linguine.  I asked for it over rice, but oh well.  Also got fried eggplant, as I’ve had my tongue hangin out for it.  I never got to eat it.  The breading was SO crunchy that I couldn’t bite it.  I’ll just have to ask my mom to make it for me, or give me her recipe.  😉

Took my mom home and stayed for a little bit.  Jacob and Uncle Danny had a great time playing.  They played Justice League colorforms.  And lest you think they’re Jake’s, they’re actually Dan’s.  He’s a big kid.  LOL  He gave Jacob the whole background on Solomon Grundy.  Jake was interested for about 92 seconds.

Jake and I got home about midnight and went straight to bed.  Jake in his bed, me in mine.  For the first time in 3 weeks.  Quite nice.


We had a lazy day.  I lounged in bed until the ripe ole hour of 0930.  Jake started coming in for me at 0830.  He woke up at 0500 and came in.  Slept until 0800 then went to play in his own room.  Obviously, that was boring after 30 mins, so he came in to bug me.  🙂

B came over to watch Jake so I could go get my MRI done.  Of course, there was like an hour delay.  No biggie, I brought a book.  Read until it was time to go in.  Didn’t wear a bra or jewelry, so was able to just hop on the table  and be strapped in and slid into the tube.  If it weren’t for the noise, I probably could have fallen asleep.  There were a few moments where I was a little freaked (don’t like when the air gets warm), but for the most part it was nothing.  If I’d had music earphones, I probably would have fallen asleep.  Was quite drowsy when I was done.  Have to wait at least 2 business days for any report to be sent to my doctor.  Hopefully I will hear something on Wednesday.  Not worried, however, so that’s a good thing…

Once I came back, I found Jacob had been fed and now had his friend E over, then they went to E’s, then they came back.  🙂  I cleaned and organized my scrap area (a VERY little bit), did laundry, putzed.  Read.  Very nice to be able to sit and read without having someone up your ass talking to you while you’re trying to read.  And I don’t mean Jacob.

Around 1700, we went to BK for dinner (at his request).  We ate dinner and then went home.  We got baths/showers and got into our jammies.  Then, we curled up in my bed to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I was uncertain whether Jake would be upset by it at all.  He was quite unconcerned and went to sleep in his own bed afterward and slept there all night long.


We, again, lazed around for a while.  Got up at 1030 and got ready to go.  Left at 1100 for a 1200 showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  It was very good.  A bit choppy in parts and some parts were changed, while others were completely omitted.  The parts that I thought would be scary to Jake he was totally unconcerned with. 

He seems to have a firm grasp on what is real and what is not.  We had an understanding that we would leave at any time he felt too scared to stay.  We even brought his heffalump because kiki would be too obvious.

After the movie, we went to visit Inny (to drop off an outfit, her coat and her key).  Jacob didn’t even want to go, but I can’t leave him alone, so he had to go with me.  She’s up in recovery, so there were no tubes or needles in her, so she wasn’t as frightening as when she was in CCICU.  He had a total melt down there.  Here, he was totally bored and kept asking to “go now”.  I was totally with him on that one…

Once home we had dinner, bath and bedtime routine.  Again, he slept in his own bed all night.


Was supposed to start the routine totally, but decided to play hookie since it would be the first (and last) time I’d ever have the chance to be alone in my own house.   So, I took it.

I got up as usual, did laundry and some cleaning.  Got Jacob up, dressed, fed and ready for school.  Took him to school and then went to the store to get some food-stuffs.

Got home and promptly hopped on the computer to check email and was pinged by one of my friends.  We wound up chatting for nearly 5 hours.  I started waiting for B.  Tried to call her, but she didn’t answer her phone.  She did show up and she and I chatted a bit until Jacob got home.

While chatting wiht B, I realized I’d never brought in my ACME purchases!  Ran outside and quickly ran them in to the house.  Thankfully it was rather chilly outside, so nothing went bad/got ruined, but didn’t I feel like a royal ass…

Once home, Jake went to play in his playroom.  B and I wrapped a gift for T and then made him birthday cards.  When we were done, Jake and I took B home and gave T his card (with $20 inside).  Now T and B are the same age for the next 5 days.  Then B turns 15 (on Saturday).  🙂  Boy are these kids growing fast.  I used to change B’s diapers!

Came home, had dinner, did homework, played.  Jake worked on his xmas list, I putzed on the computer.  Both took our showers and got jammies on.  Had a snack and then put Jake to bed.  I went down, turned off my computer and went up to bed.  Watched the extras on the HPatPoA DVD for the next two hours.  Woops!  Oh well, some were quite funny.


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