Not a whole lot to update here.  The routine seems to be working well.  I’m all caught up on laundry.  Do about one load a day now.  Very weird not to see the stinkin baskets full all the time.  Been able to get rid of clutter too.  This new routine is quite productive.  However, I’m still exhausted.

The Good:

Met with Jacob’s teacher yesterday.  VERY positive conference!  He’s right on target with reading and knows all his sight words.  He is beginning to TRY to read words he doesn’t know, rather than ask for help or skip it.  Was encouraged to help him try sounding them out more rather than skipping.  His math skills are right on par or just a little above (very cool).  He has a little trouble with counting by 2s.  He can make it to 12 before he goofs.  Mostly because he’s trying to FLY through it rather than take his time.  He’s doing pretty well with money (nickles and pennies)…still needs some help, but this IS first grade after all.

She showed me his tests and they were all 90s and 100s (spelling, reading comprehension, math).  I was surprised and pleased.  🙂

He received a certificate for doing all his homework (for that period). 

It was cute, while waiting for my time, I was checking out all the work in the hallway.  The kids have the most wonderful imaginations!  And the pictures that they took were fabulous!  I really enjoyed seeing their faces.  They really seem to enjoy learning and being in her classroom.  🙂

VERY different from my conference with the KinderNazi.  Seems Mrs. Matsko and Jacob are a good fit.  She even gave me a nice compliment saying she loved that I was one of her Parents (we were talking about crafts that we do, and I mentioned about Jacob’s Christmas List Book).

The Bad:

Trying to schedule my MRI has been an effort, lemme tell ya.  I tried at the open one at CC Hospital.  They don’t take my insurance.  Ok, call T Hospital.  They take my insurance, but I need a precertification number.  Ok.  Call my doctor.  They give me a number, but tell me that T Hospital doesn’t take my insurance, I should call S Hospital.  Ok, then why did the lady at T Hospital tell me they took my insurance?

Whatever.  I called S Hospital.  Was told “we don’t do MRIs.  You have to go to M Imaging or CC Hospital or T Hospital.” 

The world is run by idiots.

Called T Hospital, waiting for a call back.  Called my docs office to let them know they’re idiots.  Had to leave a message.

The Ugly:

Major managerial re-org at work.  My boss will probably no longer by my boss but a Tech-13.  Probably wind up working for the Asshole Down The Hall (ADTH).  :-/  No one knows IF this will really happen or WHEN.  Also, no one knows what will happen to our projects.  I have projects that span both engine lines…even into another engine line.  The ADTH only runs ONE engine line at the moment.  So, a lot up in the air and no one has any answers.

It’s been fun.


The Sad:

I have to give my mommy back today 😦  She’s been with me for 3 weeks.  She’s ready to go home and it’s time to REALLY put this routine into effect.  She stayed the extra week because Jacob had early dismissals all week due to the conferences and since I couldn’t afford to pay a babysitter all day, she stayed for me.  She’s an angel.

I have the girls set up for next week…sorta.  I know B is taking Monday.  Don’t know who has Tuesday, but that will be decided before then.  I still have to create a WTF sheet for them.  B already gave me permission to give E her phone number.  Just have to get the same from E.  Also need to get an extra key made to give to the girls, so they can get into the house.  Also need to make sure they get out early on Wednesdays too…even if they don’t, I think they’ll get home before Jake (they’re in Middle/High School so they get out earlier anyway).

I’m quite positive about all of this.  We’ll see how long the feeling lasts. 

So much is up in the air right now.  It’s both frightening and annoying as hell.  Being a total control freak, this is NOT my idea of fun.  However, I’m doing my best NOT to let it get to me and get our lives as secure as possible.

The Indifferent:

Inny gets released at 1000 on Tuesday.  Aunt Cindy will bring her home.  Gotta give her a key and a coat for Inny.  Inny called me this am to see how the conference went and also to thank me for being patient wiht her.  I almost laughed out loud.  I said “patient with what???  You just have to stop doing this.  We can’t be doing this every couple of months.”  (not verbatim, but close enough). 

She rambled on about her therapy and such.  I sorta listened, but I was trying to figure out a budget at the time.

The Sublime:

Jacob and I have our first weekend ALONE.  EVER!  We’re gonna just hang around the house tomorrow.  He wants to play with his friends.  Maybe I’ll read or work on some scrapbooking.  Sunday, we’re going to see the new Harry Potter movie.  We’re gonna do it up too.  Popcorn.  Soda.  Hotdogs.  Pretzel bites.  Candy.  The whole she-bang.

Looks to be a rather nice weekend and a good beginning to the full production (new routine, sans Mar-Mar).  🙂

(where has this positive, go with the flow person come from??????)


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