Stop the Presses

She admitted it.


She called last night and said that she’d learned her lesson.

Me:  “What lesson is that?”
Inny:  “That I’ll be more careful and get stronger.  That I won’t do this to myself again.”
Me:  “uh huh.”
Inny:  “I mean it.”
Me:  “ok”

I do NOT believe it.

She swears she’ll get better and get stronger.  The pain she’s been in is horrible.

It’s your own damn fault you sad, pathetic attention monger!

Me:  “It only took you two years to figure this out?”
Inny:  “Well…”
Me:  “yeah, ok”

In her warped, twisted mind, she seems to think we’re frustrated with her health care.  We couldn’t possibly be frustrated with HER!  Even tho, we HAVE come out and told her about herself.

She’s deluded.

She has alienated just about everyone in the family (our cousin, M, is probably the only one, privvy to her actions, that still gives a shit).  AND she treats M like shit.  “Oh geez, it’s M again.”  “Here you answer, tell M I’m sleeping.”  “She calls EVERY DAY.”

She treats M in the same manner in which she complains about being treated.  “Chelle doesn’t answer the phone when she knows I’m calling.”  “She’s probably thinking, ‘Oh no, it’s Inny again.'”  Well DUH!

And the woman has NO CLUE WHY everyone “hates her”. 

Open your eyes!!!!


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