Barely slept, Jacob didn’t settle until close to 0430 (coughing).  However, he told Mar-Mar that he wanted to go to school.  Adn he apparently had a good day.

Got home from work at 1500 and took Inny for her MRI.  When I got home, there was a visiting nurse there to check on how Cindy was doing with her.  She acknowledged that she was walking in on a “situation” (Inny was supposed to be ambulatory).  She motioned for me to meet her outside and said to me, “Do NOT let her get away with this.”  She said that it’s quite possible that her hip was fractured, but the woman should not be acting like this, even if it’s BROKEN, she shouldn’t be like this.  So finally, an un-biased third party can see she’s playing games.

MRI revealed she did have a fracture.  Now, why was she sent home on Monday (when they could SEE in the x-ray from the ER) that there was a fracture????  We get sent back down to ER to have her evaluated AGAIN.  She’s there from 1700 until 2300.  I left at 1830 because I had to go get Jacob and then take him to meet his dad.  THAT was an ordeal.  The kid sobbed for an hour.  “I’m gonna miss you.”  “I want you to come with me.”  I kept telling him he didn’t HAVE to go, but he kept saying he wanted to, but kept crying.  I should have just TOLD him he was staying.  But he went with daddy.

Went BACK to the ER with Inny at 2130.  Stayed until she was given a room.  And it’s funny, EVERY person that saw her in the ER on Friday kept asking her what happened and when we told them that she was THERE on Monday, they were all surprised.

Fucking Morons.

Had to stop for milk and cat food on my way home.  There was ZILCH of either.

Collapsed into bed.


Took my mom to get some personal essentials (since she was stuck with us until the next Friday).   We were both just foggy all day.  Got two more phone calls from Jacob about missing me.  He cried both times and sounded so depressed/sad.  The last call being at 2200…I almost drove up to Allentown to get him.  Daddy swore he could handle it.  THe kid was in the car, on the toad’s cell phone, telling me he needed a hug and daddy wouldn’t even fucking pull over to give him one “wait till we get home buddy”. 



Visited Inny at the hospital.  She was being scheduled for surgery to have her hip pinned.  They have her on “happy pills” and blood thinners.  We stayed about an hour, but our frustration with her and the hospital had us leaving.  Her roomate started projectile vomitting and NO ONE came in to clean her up.  *I* did it.  When the nurse finally came in, she did nothing and it took her 10 minutes to return with a clean gown for the poor woman.  THey had given her a shot of Delaudin (sp?) right before we walked in and she started vomitting 5 mins after we got there.  Isn’t that usually a sign of an allergic reaction to a med?

We left and went up to get my baby.  He was still quite sad, but now he missed his daddy and Inny. 

My frustration with my Aunt has reached a new level.  Her incessant need for attention has her completely brain-fucking my son.  The entire family knows what she’s doing.  A “disintereseted third party” figured it out after seeing her for 15 minutes!  Even JACOB can see a connection.

The problem?  If she moves out, I lose my house.  And I LOVE my house.  But at this point, I’d rather sell it and never see her again.  EVER.  I’d dance the entire time.

NOW?  there will be no surgery today because there’s a clotting issue.  SHE’S ON FUCKING ANTI-COAGULANTS!  What the hell do they expect???!?!!?  She’s called me at work before 0730, to let me know there will be no surgery today.  Told me not to worry now.  Like I was gonna worry before?  She thinks I’m frustrated with the hospital.  Nope, frustrated with HER.  I haven’t touched her since she was admitted.  No hugs.  No words of “get better”.  Nothing.  I don’t even look at her when she talks anymore.  I feel nothing but contempt for her anymore.  I won’t even think twice about anything tomorrow (when she’s been tentatively scheduled for surgery…again). 

If she wasn’t getting enough attention at home before, just wait until she comes home this time.

63-year old woman acting like a fuckin baby.  Jealous of a 6-year old. 


I mean, how does a woman who was ALWAYS dressed to the nines, perfectly coiffed and head teller of a RICH bank in Philadelphia fall to becoming a waitress at a restaurant at the Jersey shore?  And then fall even further to becoming a whiney maggot who cant’ even brush her hair on a daily basis???  There’s something MENTAL going on there and she flat out REFUSES to see a psychotherapist/psychologist/psychiatrist.  REFUSES.  After she’s been told by SEVERAL doctors that she should see one.

She left the bank in Philly and wound up working at a bank in Jersey.  She “left” that bank and lost her house?  There’s a LOT fishy in that story, that she has shared with no one.

I am so done with all of this.

And her.

I’d rather lose my house and move my son AGAIN than deal with her anymore.


I’m going to hell for feeling like this, but I swear, it’s a fucking spa resort compared to having to deal with her.

I’m totally convinced.

Oh, I SO need to see Paul.  Thank goodness I have an appointment for Friday…


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