My nerves are shot.

Monday Night, while Jacob and I were trick or treating, Inny tripped over her walker (because she doesn’t lift her feet when she walks) and fell.  One of the trick or treaters had to run down (two houses) to get her help.  She called me on my cell and Jake and I came back.

J had carried her to her bed and closed us up for Halloween. 

She kept telling me she was fine.  I gave Jacob a bath, got him into jammies and got him packed.  We were going to the ER.  I dropped Jacob off with neighbors and headed off with Inny.

She was FINE until someone medical came to inquire about her and then she started crying and wailing about the pain.

They push her thru with FastCare (you’re supposed to be in and out in 15 minutes.  We were there for 2 hours).  They x-rayed her.  Nothing’s broken.  They gave her 2 shots of vicodin.  And prescribed her 200 mg of vicodin (hydrocodone) to take every 6 hours for the pain.  AND SENT HER HOME.

For someone who claims to have a high pain threshold, she’s eating them like candy (and they’re letting her) and have TRIPLED her dose to 750 mg every 6 hours.  She’s wearing diapers and needs to be carried to the bathroom. Needless to say, I’d been home from work for the last two days. 


NOW the hospital seems to think she may have actually broken her hip and want her to come in for an MRI.  FINE  Yet, her doctor’s office rarely answers the phone and when they did, the doctor was leaving in 5 minutes.  FOR THE DAY. 

I had to ask a neighbor to come sit with her so I could get my mom to help me out. 

Spent most of the rest of the day trying to get a hold of his partner to get HIM to prescribe the MRI.  They won’t without the info from the hospital.  Hospital claims to have faxed it.  So she does NOTHING (I was picking my mom up during all of this).  She has an appointment to see the doctor at 0945 on Wednesday.


My mom is there to help, but I still need to stay home because I have to take Inny to the doc.  So, I’m able to get Jake ready for school and send him off (we were late).

As I’m getting ready, I find out Inny’s refusing to go to the doctor, because she can’t sit in their offices all day waiting for her actual appointment (this is true, the damn doctor will make you wait close to 3 hours before you even SEE him WITH an appointment).  She could have mentioned this BEFORE I called out of work.

Now, she claims to be in SO much pain.  Counting the hours until she can take another vicodin (let me mention they prescribed her 1.5 the dose they prescribed ME after having 4 teeth removed.  And she only weighs 74 pounds).  However, she can shift herself from a seated to a laying position and roll herself over.

Now, to most of you, I sound like a heartless bitch.  You know what, I don’t care.  None of you know that she has spent a LIFETIME manipulating people into doing everything for her.  I swear, she has Munchausen’s.  She LOVES being catered to.  She’s never happier than when she’s being fawned over.  98% of her problems, she did to herself.  It’s amazing, EVERY new sucker she sucks in figures this out in a matter of HOURS.  Which is probably why her doctor does NOTHING for her.

I’m sick of changing diapers on an adult.  Especially on a woman who just refuses to use the toilet.  I don’t mind carrying her to it, it’s less than 10 feet from her bed.  She just refuses to use it.  And don’t give me the “well, it must hurt her to sit.”  Do you know how many times I’ve gone into her room to find her sitting after she asked me to pull her down into a laying position?

I’m done.  If she’s that bad off that she can’t do anything for herself, than she needs to be in an assisted living facility.  How am I supposed to keep a roof over our heads if I’m supposed to cater to her on a daily basis.  Because of HER, I have no sick/vacation time left.  So these last two days have been leave without pay for me.

And lest you think I’m unsympathetic, I give you my mother who told her that she REFUSES to change a shitty diaper.  She flat out refuses to change a diaper period.  She has to go, she better get her ass on the PORTABLE COMMODE THAT SHE [Inny] HAD SPECIALLY DELIVERED ON TUESDAY THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO HER BED or marinate.

Another Sympathetic Mom Moment:  Told Inny that if my mom were in that position, she’d “take the pipe” rather than have someone change her diapers.

Yeah, my mom’s worse than me.

And at this point, I don’t effin care how angry/resentful I sound.  This woman has had people taking care of her for the better part of 10 years.  My mom for the first 4 me for the last 6+. 

So, I have to find before/after care for Jacob.  She BEGS me not to “take him away from her” yet really, if she’s THAT bad, how can she watch him?  My mom can’t stay forever.  I also need to totally change my work schedule and cut out my volunteer time at Jacob’s school.  Jacob is NOT happy about that one.

Hell, for the last two days, Jacob has “yelled” at me for being home “We’re gonna lose dis house!” (That was always my excuse for not being able to stay home with him.  If I don’t work, no money comes in.  If no money comes in, we can’t pay bills.  If we can’t pay bills, we lost the house).

It’s been fun.

I’ve had my fill.

I’m done.


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  1. I’m sorry about all this! I wish you could tell for sure how much is real and how much is playing for attention. Hope she doesn’t get hooked on those Vicodin, too. If she has a lot of normal body aches, it’s possible that she just feels so much better when she takes them that she won’t want to give them up.

  2. She has arthritis, so I’m sure she DOES feel better when she takes them, but does a 74 pound woman REALLY need 750 mg of Vicodin every 6 hours???? My mother, 4 years older, has had arthritis since childhood and she’s still up and moving regardless of the pain. I have joint pain (no where near arhtritis), but you need to exercise/physical therapy otherwise it’s use it or lose it. She prefers to lose it.
    I know, bitch, bitch, bitch…I have no sympathy anymore. It’s down-right sad…
    Thanx for the ears/eyes :-/

  3. Anonymous said:

    Hi Jenny!
    I was wondering where you were! I emailed you at work the other day and haven’t heard back…was startin to worry! πŸ™‚
    I’m sooo sorry to hear you’re going through all this stuff right now. Its gotta be beyond stressful. 😦 You can’t possibly deal w/ taking care of her on your own…its just above and beyond what you can handle. Has you discussed her living somewhere that can assist her better? Or what about home nurses that can take care of her at the house? I realize all those options are pretty cha-ching, so not sure if they are realistic of not.
    Anyways, I’m thinking of you and will keep you all in my prayers, mainly that a good solution will pop up to make the situation more bearable for all of you.
    Update things so I can see how your doing! πŸ™‚ Miss ya! Love ya!

  4. Huggs!
    How terrible, and to add insult to injury, on your favorite holiday too!
    Attention seekers (like Inny) are a big drain on caregivers- you might want to check out some respite care for yourself or a support group. Tough love is great, but only if it works. Other people in a similar situation may have more suggestions for you Regardless, your Aunt cannot take care of Jacob on mind altering substances, like vicodan, in her present health. It is just too dangerous, for both of them.
    Oh sweetie! What a big pain in the ass…I will ask the universe to send some good Karma your way. Like you did not have enough on your plate to deal with…

  5. Anonymous said:

    (((HUGS))) Maybe we should run away together! *AGK*

  6. When we leavin’?

  7. Anonymous said:

    How’s Monday, 10 a.m.? LOL!

  8. that works for me. I’ll pack snacks πŸ˜‰

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