Had a headache Friday, Saturday AND Sunday.  Was not one continuous headache, however.  Took Advil each time.  Had a dizzy spell in a store over the weekend and can’t remember which one it was.  These are driving me nuts.  It’s either due to:  undiagnosed ear infection; eye glasses (however, had this BEFORE I got the new ones) or hormones.  Am currently cycling or it could be due to the patch.  However, I’ve been on it for over a year, so I don’t know…


Went scrapbooking.  Had a very nice time chatting and giggling with the girls.  Got next to nothing done, but was able to plan a few pages and show off my album about my braces πŸ™‚  Stayed up late cutting out a balloon.  Don’t ask.


Spent most of the day cleaning and organizing my craft area and Jacob’s play area.  Created folders, filed items, tried to get pictures all in one place.  Organized (a little bit) embellishments.  Doing laundry.  Got a lot done.  More than I thought I would.  Then, went to see Stephen Lynch with my friend, SLK and his friend C.  OMG  HILARIOUS!  I’d seen him before, about 2 years ago or so.  I laughed SO much.  I now want all his CDs for xmas.  It will be SO hard not to buy them for myself, but oh, MAN!  Too funny!

It wasn’t a very late show, so I got home and putzed on the computer a bit and did a little bit more organizing in my craft area.  Then, I went upstairs and watched some TV.  I watched TV until 0430!!!!  Believe it or not.  I watched a Paul Newman movie, Exodus.  Not my cup of tea, but I had to keep watching it to see how it ended.  I didn’t like the ending.  Typical.  However, Paul Newman was a fuckin’ hottie man.  And I don’t normally like blonde men.  Chiseled features.  GORGEOUS eyes.  Nice chest :-p  Manly.  That’s the biggest thing, “manly”.  I’m not a “girly” girl.  Yes, I AM a girl, but I’m not very girly.  I don’t wear dresses often.  I don’t sit primly.  I have a potty mouth.  I’m relatively tall.  Viluptuous.  But still a girl.  Not many men actually make me FEEL like a girl.  And I don’t mean in the sexual sense.  I mean feel feminine.  Protected.  Safe.  There have been like 4.  EVER.  And none of them stick around.  I don’t want to ALWAYS be the strong one in the relationship, however, it just ALWAYS seems to be that way.  And the “men” who ARE “manly” apparently don’t like strong women.  I’m screwed.  I shall remain single and not let this bother me so damn much.

Well, THAT was a tangent, I’d say…


Did some grocery shopping (YUK) and then some more organizing/cleaning.  It’s looking pretty good πŸ™‚  Not GREAT, but good.  It’s getting there πŸ™‚

Then, picked up my Peanut.  Boy did he have some news to share with me.

Bitchelle called him a “fucking idiot“.  MY BABY.  She called a “fucking idiot”.  What PARENT calls another person’s child that?  To their face?  In front of one of the child’s parents?  Yeah, she’s a fucking winner.  NOT  Obviously, the toad and she broke up.  The “fucking idiot” incident was AFTER the break up.

Do NOT let his woman around my kid again.  I’ll make her regret it.  I promise.

After that bit of drama, Auntie Chelle, Alex, Jacob and I went to Build A Bear to make a Tin Man bear for my cousin, Marge.  Her birthday is 02 NOV.  She loves stuffed animals (especially bears).  Collects Wizard of Oz memorabilia (she has friends that were in the movie) as well as Gone With The Wind memoriabilia.  I think we got a winner there.  They boys “made” it for her and it’s two things she enjoys. 

Slam Dunk!  πŸ˜‰

Jacob has a school field trip today.  Hopefully the rain will hold off and allow the kids to get a nice day at the Orchards in.  And hopefully Jacob’s allergies won’t go haywire (gave him albuterol and benadryl before he left.  He’s had a cough for about a week).  Afer school/work, we’re gonna go to BABW and make THIS.  Hopefully they still have it.  Which reminds me, I wanted to call…Ok, called.  They ahve “ONE BIN” left.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get one after my doc appt today.  :-/  If not, I’ll try to order it online tomorrow :-p


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  1. Don’t suppose you could sort of accidentally castrate the toad? Then he wouldn’t get wretched scummy females flocking around anymore. Jeez. I don’t know what I’d do if someone did that to Kieran. He’d be so upset! Then he’d get *mad*. And I have to say, I hope he finds ways to control his temper when he’s a teenager or else I may wind up being scared of him. We are working on it now, at least.

  2. Maybe a martial arts class? Constructive “pounding”?

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