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Saw the doc after work today. Not very reassuring. (Sorry, SLK, I totally forgot what I was supposed to say :-/)

He flat out told me these aren’t “ordinary headaches”. He can give me a prescription to take when they start and then again an hour later (Imitrex), they can also give me something, that I’d have to take daily, to keep them away. However, he wants me to have a total blood work-up and make an appointment with a neurologist.

That last bit scares me. I actually cried in the doctor’s office (which teed me off because I hate crying in front of people).

He also gave me shit about not going to the ER if they were that bad. Honestly, how many people think to go to the ER for a really bad headache? To me, the ER is for broken bones, accidents, and true emergencies. He told me headaches can be and if there is something major wrong, they can do blood work-ups and I could have seen a neurologist right away and quite possibly have had a CT Scan (if it’s necessary). So, point of lecture, go to the effin ER, damn it!

He also gave me shit because I said if Jacob had been complaining about headaches, I’d have called the doc ASAP. But since it’s me, I put it off until guilted into it.

So, I go for blood work first thing tomorrow (has to be fasting), and have to call tomorrow for an appointment with the neurologist.


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  1. I’ve gone to the ER for migranes before – they do take it seriously there; they don’t think you’re stupid or anything. Levi got mad at me for going and not sticking it out, but I told him to stuff it. When they get so bad you think you’re having a stroke, it’s time to go. I’m glad you’re getting checked out! It probably is just migranes, but if it’s something else now they have a chance of catching it before it gets bad. {{{{{Hugs!}}}}}

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