Proud Mama

Jacob slept in his own room ALL WEEK!

Now, before you all think this is some NEW feat, it’s not.

I don’t know how or why it started, but he would come into my room EVERY NIGHT.  EVERY.  NIGHT.  He’d get up to pee about  1 or 2 and then come trotting into my room.  Now, if he’s scared or sick, I really don’t mind.  But if it’s just out of habit, that drives me batty, cuz I can’t sleep with him in my bed.  He hogs the bed and he kicks.  He got me the night after I had my extractions done.  And the night I got my top set of braces on.  In the mouth, both times.

Yes, I bribed him, but it worked.  He got one of those Scholastic Book Order forms from school.  So, we went thru it.  I found something to get him for xmas (a set of “I Spy” Books) and he found something he *really* wanted.  A Dinosaur Book.  Enter Jen’s Bright Idea.  I told him, that if he slept in his own bed, ALL week, he could pick out any book that he wanted.  (This was Monday, he’d already spent Sunday night in his own bed…after a firm talkin’ to from me). 

Well, it worked.  And we’re BOTH very happy.  He woke up quite pleased with himself.  🙂  He would ask me, at bedtime, “What if I get scared?”  I told him to cuddle his Mr. Cuddles.  If that didn’t work, try a kitten.  If that didn’t work, turn on the light (which necessitated me extending the pull-chain).  If all else fails, he could come into my room, but he had to try to settle himself.

And he did.

I’m so proud!  😀


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