The headache is still hanging around, but not nearly as bad.  I couldn’t settle down until after 1 this morning.  WHich sucks, but Jake had a doc appt, so I was going to be going in late anyway.  So, I slept in :-p

I went home around lunch time yesterday.  And the cleaning lady, Eliana, was STILL there.  This was her very first visit.  She kicked ASS man.  My house is SPOTLESS and smells fantastic!!!  AND the best part?  I didn’t have to come home, feeling very badly, and have to deal with chaos at home.  Nope, the chaos was gone.  THe house was clean and I didn’t HAVE to do anything even tho I was sick.  Mom’s know what I mean.  Even tho YOU feel like shit, there’s still stuff that has to be done.

But, being me, even tho I didn’t need to do anything, I did two loads of laundry.

You see, laying down hurt (not to mention the guilt involved with laying down while some woman was scrubbin the hell outta your pigsty), sitting up hurt, being still hurt, moving hurt.  Light hurt, dark hurt.  So, I putzed cuz I couldn’t find ANYTHING that didn’t hurt.  Felt a bit better after dinner (which I cooked because you know Inny can’t make a decision to save her life and if you’re not asleep or feigning sleep, she’s up your ass).  Did homework with Jake and then went up for a shower.

Surprises waited for me when I got out.

Jacob and Inny were down in the playroom.  CLEANING!

Yeah, I was shocked.  and I mean REAL cleaning.  Toys in bins, bins on shelves.  I finally saw my floor for the first time in nearly two months! 

Carl was downstairs too.

Yeah, that made me do a double take.  I hadn’t seen him in like 3 weeks.  And he’d been a shit for a few of those days too. 


Jacob had his 6-year well check today.

Height:  4’0.6″  (75%)
Weight:  53 pounds (75% about damn time he got over that stinkin 50 number)
Eyes:  20/20 together, 20/30 individually

I brought up a few concerns that I had:

Asthma meds (had a form for school)
Eye doctor (don’t think he needs to see one, but I wanna take him anyway)
Headaches (she checked things out, but thinks he’s fine)
Bumps on elbows (contact derm.  1% Hydrocortizone cream)
Zyrtec (not necessary now)
Motor Delays (thinks they’re minor, but said to make the call to the Seashore house and get an appt with a developmental pedi)
Over-active gag reflex (relatively normal)

Forgot he had a testicle that hadn’t dropped.  Needless to say, it’s no longer an issue.  He’s fine.

We got to see our favorite doctor again, Dr. Huff.  She’s been seeing him since he was a newborn.  He loves her and she always makes a nice fuss when we come in.  Jake feels quite special.  🙂  And she LISTENS.  Yes, she’s busy.  But she takes as much time as is needed and listens to all concerns.

I’m happy and so is he.  Well, he is NOW.  He had to get a flu shot.  He SCREAMED.  The nurse’s and my ears were ringing by the time it was done.  I had to basically hold him down.  He just HATES needles and freaks as soon as he sees it come in.  The scream starts as soon as the alcohol swab touches him and usually takes until 5 mins AFTER the shot is done.  It’s a chore, lemme tell ya.  But necessary. :-/

I’m ready to go home now.  I’m tired and raw.  But, I’ve still got another hour *sigh*


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