What a Weekend



Had a long, drawn-out fight with a friend.

Then, went to another friend’s house and nearly killed her husband.

Yeah.  That was fun.

Went to K’s house, cuz we were all (a HUGE lot of us) supposed to go to the Tiki Bar for dinner.  Strange outdoor eating establishment where you cook your own WAY over-priced food.

Took Jacob because they had a babysitter that would watch him too.  I talked to Jacob and let him know that D was the babysitter and she was in charge while I was gone and to listen to what she said and behave.

5 minutes before we left, G (the husband) decided he was going to tell “the kids” the rules.  “The kids” turned out to be just Jacob.  He gave him the SAME FUCKING LECTURE I HAD JUST GIVEN HIM, then, grabbed him by the chin, YANKED his head around, and repeated it while wagging his finger inches from Jacob’s nose.  As well as having his own face not much further away.  I turned to K, said, “Um, I think we’re just gonna go home.”  Walked over and told Jacob to get his shoes.  G comes flying over and trying to apologize.  In his patronistic way.  Me, calmly (which surprised me) telling him that he way overstepped his bounds and had no right to do what he just did (over and over and over again).  Him continuing to apologize and Jacob going, “Just tell him it’s ok so I can stay and play, PLEASE?!” 

What a fucking nightmare.

And I’m still SEETHING about it days later.


Went to my mom’s to enjoy the Penn Township picnic.  Got to hang with my family and enjoy free food and entertainment.  One band, Word of Mouth, was quite good and turns out, friends of my brother’s.  If you happen to see them marqueed somewhere, check ’em out.  You won’t be disappointed.  One guy, Vince, broke a string on his guitar, changed it and tuned it while singing.  Damn impressive, I tell ya.


Relaxing? day at home.  Did some decorating for Halloween.  Went out and bought MORE decorations.  Did more decorating.  About 92 million loads of laundry.  Put them away.  Moved some furniture (shhh!  don’t tell anyone).  Hung a picture.  Was in bed before 10.

UGH.  I need another weekend to recover from my weekend…


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