She TAGGED me!

Buppie tagged me. 



ok, here goes…

6 things i want to do:
1. Have a clean house
2. Actually USE my scrapbooking supplies
3. Stay at home with my son
4. Find a new job
5. Go to IRELAND
6. Not care about a certain someone

6 things i can do:
1. Procrastinate
2. Cook
3. Bake
4. Go from serene to effin pissed in nanoseconds
5. make almost anything funny
6. amuse myself and often

6 things i cant do (at least at the moment)
1. Sing
2. Be patient
3. Make up my mind
4. HATE a certain someone
5. Put my legs behind my head
6. Give two shits about work

6 things that makes me attractive to the opposite sex: (makes them attracted to me??)  NOTE:  I liked Buppie’s answer so I’m using it
1. I
2. Don’t
3. Know
4. Ask
5. Them
6. My charm :-p

6 things I say all the time:
1. “bite me”
2. “buttmunch”
3. “sigh”
4. “puleez”
5. “LOL”
6. “Mommy has to go to work, Peanut.  I’m sorry”

6 celebrity crushes:
1. Sam Elliott
2. Matthew McConaghey
3. Scott Glenn (just had a dream about him this morning…weird)
4. crap would help if i actually watched TV or something
5. Brian Krausse
6. Jullian McMahon

6 people i am tagging:
1. NizzyNizz
2. Perfectlyketchup
3. AGK
5. Tori
6. Anna


Comments on: "She TAGGED me!" (1)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Oh, OK! I’ll add it to my blog list this week 🙂

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