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LJ Interests meme results

  1. anything irish/celtic:
    Love the accent, love the poetry, love the jewelry and the artistry. My tattoo (temporary) is a Celtic design. And I’d love to get another…
  2. children:
    It used to be, whenever I was having bad day, I’d go borrow someone’s kid and go be silly and have fun for a while. Now I have my own to be silly with…however, we find ourselves borrowing other kids from time to time…
  3. colors:
    How dull the world would be if it wasn’t full of color.
  4. creativity:
    I certainly wish I had some. I like scrapbooking and crafting, however, my vein of creativity has run dry 😦
  5. dancing:
    Can’t dance, but doesn’t stop me from shakin it
  6. enjoying myself:
    I’m easily amused. It’s no wonder I can crack myself up and do so often
  7. laughing:
    How can you go through life and NOT laugh?
  8. live music:
    As long as it’s outside. Love concerts, but sometimes, inside, they are FAR too loud
  9. math:
    LOVE LOVE LOVE math. No wonder coming from an engineer :-p
  10. men:
    Eh, must update my interests list. Other than being 100% heterosexual, that is where the interest ends. For the most part, right now, they annoy the crap outta me

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