In just under 48 hours, I will be sitting in the orthodontist’s chair getting my braces put on!  I am so incredibly excited!  Not just because I will be beginning the journey to a beautiful smile, but I also get these effin’ spacers out!!!!

I can NOT wait. 

Wish I had someone to go with me to take pictures, but I’ll bring my camera anyway and ask one of the assitants to take a few 🙂

Totally debating about being silly and getting colored elastics for around the brackets.  Probably only on the bottom.  But what color?

Go HERE and help me decide.  Click on Brace Painter (one of the links on the left).  My favorite color is blue, Jake’s is green (right now).  With them being on the bottom, only he and I would really know they were there (getting clear brackets on top, so the color would REALLY stand out if I did them up there LOL).


I SO can not wait!


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  1. ANYTHING but green…not that I’d question Jacob’s taste in this sort of thing, but green teeth? Ewwwwwww!

  2. LOL
    I’d feel like Roseanne Roseannadanna like I had a “little piece of spinach stuck right btwn my teeth” 😉

  3. Hee! Well, OTOH, maybe if you did have spinach stuck in there people wouldn’t notice with green rubberbands. 🙂

  4. oh, i don’t know….after seeing the fun color combinations kim’s friend’s have used, i’ve often thought that – given the chance – i’d go ahead and have some fun with it! i’d do colors on both the top and bottom teeth! i like the blue…. or you could celebrate fall (which is my favorie season) with a combination of orange-red, orange, and yellow orange. 🙂 (can you mix colors?) and you get to change them every so often, right? or do black and orange in preparation for halloween….

  5. You hate green! and I have to agree, even though green is MY favorite color, green in the teeth is unattractive. For the same reason, I would avoid yellow, grey and black. I like the blues, purples, red’s and oranges. I love the idea of a mix of fall colors- too cute and would work very well for Halloween. But perhaps it is not business like enough for the office;-) Female engineers in military settings already have it tough enough.
    I hate to rain on the parade, but many people find the spacers the easy part of the braces– my DH who had braces for 11 years (started with having 16 teeth pulled) said the pulling and spacers were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to tooth discomfort…I hope there have great advances in technology…
    It will be worth it when you look in the mirror when it is all done, but be prepared:-) Hope to see you live and in person soon!

  6. oooh, holiday colors! Me likey!

  7. My biggest problem with the spacer is on one side, they’re around my crown, and I SWEAR it’s being pulled down…and my bite is off (right now, my teeth don’t mate up when I close my mouth, quite disconcerting).
    Just gotta keep my eyes on the prize 😉
    Oh, and who gives a crap about professionalism. I’m a MOM first, regardless of what they want :-p

  8. Good for you, Woman! Go crazy:-)

  9. I plan to 😀

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