Stolen from tiggsybabes

What makes a woman sexy?

My answer: 

good question!

Definitely self-confidence. You have to love yourself to love others and be loved. An inner beauty and compassion. You can be self-confident without being a self-center, egotistical bitch 😉

What be yours?


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  1. I read this on Tiggsy’s blog…I loved how the guys disagreed with the women that confidence is what makes women sexy. The men pointed out attributes (personality or physical) that sexy women have. The women, mostly wrote about confidence. I don’t think that most guys realize that all those random attributes they so like and define as sexy come from confidence. Women and men it seems do not have the same definition of confidence. When I say confidence I mean inner strength, I think a lot of people think- arrogance or bravado, aloofness. To be able to be warm and open to your fellow humans. Inviting people in (either physically -by dress or actions or emotionally- by showing your strengths and weaknesses) takes a great deal of personal self worth. I believe one man stated that Marylin Monroe was sexy, but not confident. I think he missed the point. Her persona was confident. She carried her body well, she dressed up, she was beautiful and provactive. It was all an act, but a good one. Okay, okay- enough about that It was just on my mind today…

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