Le Weekend


Had a shortened day at work…YAY!  Took Jacob to the ice cream social at school.  Met another mom on the way there and her son is in Jake’s class.  Very nice lady, and surprise, surprise, she hated the Kinder Nazi too!  :-p

Jacob started to act out and be a little brat, so we left.  He was not happy, but it was either that or kill him with a cafeteria full of witnesses.  We walked home, me harranging him most of the way and him whining and crying and dragging his feet.  We had a discussion when we got home and then I needed to fill up the van (for our trip the next day).  He went with me and on the way home, we stopped back at the social.  (two-fold, I wanted to get a t-shirt and give the nice mom $1 cuz she fronted me for the ice cream…i’m a dunderhead).  We wound up staying a bit longer and he got a balloon animal…a t-rex!  The guy did a great job and Jacob promptly popped one of the legs *sigh*  However, we got the man’s card and Jacob wants him to come to his birthday party 🙂

Afterward was bath and cuddles and early bed, cuz we had an early and long day ahead of us.


Got up early to have my socket packed…AGAIN!  UGH…

Then, we waited for Anika to arrive and then we were off to the Ren Faire!  We had a FABULOUS time.  I bought a dragon puppet, a peasant blouse, 3 bottles of wine (not all for me!) and something else I can’t recall.  LOL  Jacob never got his little dragon that he wanted, so we will have to go back (he actually left with no real souvenier…oops!)  He had a GREAT time!  And he was very interested in the shows too.  While I was getting my tattoo (henna), he sat and watched the gypsy dancers.  After my tat, we watched the human chess match.  He cheered and everything!  He was enthralled!  It was great.

We stayed thru the joust.  Jacob didn’t like that much (took it WAY too literally, even after I told him it was not real). 

We got home about 10 and although we were tired, we’d all had a great time and are looking forward to returning again 🙂


Slept in.  BIG time.  I think it was after noon when I got up.  Then I did some laundry and the grocery shopping.  Then, we went to my sister’s so the boys could play 🙂  It was a nice night.

Overall, a FABULOUS, yet exhausting weekend 🙂


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