Making Plans

I’ve been trying to come up with a plausible workout plan.

I plan to start going to the Y after work beginning on Monday (said I’d do this when Jake goes back to school.  He goes back on Tuesday, so, I’m early!  😉

Here is my plan…

Mondays:  20 mins on stationary bike
                  20 mins of biceps/triceps

Wednesdays:  20 mins on stepper
                       20 mins of chest/abs

Fridays:  20 mins on treadmill
               20 mins of legs

Now, Jacob has soccer on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS, so my Monday routine may have to slip to Tuesday until the end of soccer season (whenever that is).  I’m trying to think of things I can do while he’s a practice/games.  I don’t wanna look like a dork doing jumping jacks, but I want to be able to watch him play and not sit on my ass the whole time.

*sigh*  The dramas of trying to be Super Woman…


Comments on: "Making Plans" (2)

  1. if you are at the Y just get ONE personal training session and have a profession help you. (and its SO weird that I could actually do it)

  2. I had considered that…do I have to make an appointment?
    Wanna come up and help me? 😀

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