I spent most of the last two days laying out the various rooms in my house on AutoCAD.  Complete with furniture.  This is an odd habit of mine.  I used to make pen/paper renditions of the rooms and all furniture and try to rearrange the room that way before I actually move real furniture.  Saves a lot of hassle/frustration…usually.

Anyway, after I put the second coat of paint on the bathroom ceiling tiles, I went down to my basement and began The Great Rearrangement.  If you looked at my pictures from this post, pretty much forget what you saw for the basement.  I switched sides with Jacob.  Yes, that means I moved just about EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE.  Entertainment center AND computer desk.  Both of which are the heaviest pieces.  I broke my desk, but I jerry-rigged it, so, no worries 😉  (Pictures shall follow shortly)

It took me nearly 4 hours to move it all and pretty much toss the loose stuff into the right area.  There still seems to be a convention of things in the center of the room, but the major players are in their new homes.  Hopefully to stay!

On to the ow.  You may remember from this post, that I fell down the basement stairs last Saturday.  My bum is still rather sore.  Well, my ankle’s been buggin’ me too.  Not my “normal” one (the right one, that I demolished years ago).  My left one.  The only “good” one.  Buggin’ the shit outta me.  So much so, that by the end of my escapades last night, I could barely walk.  I’m not kidding.  I made the mistake of sitting down for too long after my shower.  My ankle (and lower back) was THROBBING.  I stood up to go get my ankle brace from the laundry and nearly fell on my face.


I think I need to go to the doctor.  The ankle’s been buggin’ me for a couple of weeks now.  Guess it’s time to have it looked at and make sure it’s not broken (just my luck).  Because, I believe that was the last foot to hit the steps before they became rather intimate with my ass.



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