A Peek

Wanna see my house?


Member Name:  bluedragonwillow

All rooms are represented (not beautifully, mind you).  Not many before shots, as they are on a different computer.  Maybe I will have them uploaded tonite…no guarantees

Enjoy!  (and if you comment, please try to be nice and ignore the mess!)


Comments on: "A Peek" (8)

  1. Your house is fab & miles tidier than ours. You should see our playroom …

  2. Thanx!
    the playroom was cleaned for company on Saturday 😉 It rarely looks like that on a day-to-day basis.
    When do we get to see more of YOUR house?

  3. We go home tomorrow & apparently the bathroom has been decorated in my absense …

  4. Tell your friends to do mine! I’ll go away, I promise! :-p
    I hope it’s fabulous!

  5. I’m not holding my breath *g*

  6. It’s been painted the wrong colour & needs another coat, but it all helps 🙂 I wanted it plae blue & it’s buttermilk, so my scheme is changing slightly. I seem to be going for a fish theme & I wanted blue walls for water, but I now have yellow for sand, so it still works *g*

  7. you’re quick on the scheme change! Brilliant!

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