CTW (091352):  Mornin by the way im mad at u
BDW (091431):  Morning mind telling me why?
CTW(091706):  Cause u didnt say a word or anything on my 2 year of bein shober this weekend
BDW (091830):  I didnt know it had been a year…Congratulations! ðŸ™‚ did you celebrate?
BDW (092425):  And how can u be mad at me when u told me 2 go away u were on vaca? :-p
CTW(101337):  Ur not getin off that easy w that excuse just cause of what i said on vac doesnt mean u couldnt say anything bout that
BDW (101358):  I DIDNT KNOW
CTW(120557):  Still no excuse
BDW (120636):  Ok fine b mad WHATEVER
CTW(121146):  Hey thats a big thing n u no it n u completely forgot
BDW (121335):  Ho was i supposed to know?  U stopped a couple of times b4 it was for good
CTW(121429):  No aug was 4 good
BDW (121538):  Well NOW i know but doesnt matter 2 u anyway
CTW(121652):  Whats that supposed 2 mean
BDW (121846):  Ur all pissed at me 4 not knowing should i b pissed at u 4 not checkin in on me last monday?
CTW(122018):  What was last mon?
BDW (122103):  27 year anniv or my dads murder
CTW(122253):  Now how on earth was i supposed 2 no that when u ve never said anything 2 me bout him
BDW (122635):  Same way i was supposed 2 know about your sobriety guess and i have told u u just didnt listen cuz im not that important 2 u
CTW(122838):  No u ve never told me other than ur grandfather did it
BDW (123004):  Obviously u dont listen so i stop talking
CTW(123105):  N thats not a good example as 2 mine uve been there 4 me durin mine n u should no cause im always coutin the months
BDW (123223):  Uve never counted the months with me
CTW(123231):  I listen u just always stop anyway
BDW (123331):  Because u look like u dont care
CTW(123338):  Yes i have cause us [ur] alwaz askin n check on me
BDW (123438):  To b honest i have october in my head 4 that
CTW(123531):  Whatever ur full of shit u just dont like openin up 2 people
CTW(123632):  October ur way off where on earth did u get that
BDW (123711):  U wanna know something ask and u have no room 2 talk about opening up
BDW (123757):  No clue but that is what i thought it was
CTW(123906):  I open up 2 u all the time i prob tell u way more stuff than i should
CTW(124026):  No its not that u should it was when i got arrested last yr in wildwood on the parkway
BDW (124058):  Then what do u want to know i stay quiet because i dont think anyone cares
BDW (124326):  I thought it was because of the resulting court hearing which i have in my head as oct
CTW(124542):  N u should thats a very personal subject that u take whatever info that person gives n thats it never ask more than what is given
BDW (124820):  Whatever u win im a lousy friend and ur perfect
CTW(140340):  I didnt say i was perfect smartass
BDW (140404):  You certainly implied it
CTW(140504):  No i did not
BDW (140509):  Ok
CTW(140831):  U read 2 far into shit all i was doin was makin sure my point got across cause u luv 2 turn things around on me i when u do that
BDW (140925):  Whatever i didnt know
CTW(141058):  N here we go ur all mad cause i drove my point in
BDW (141251):  What point?  That i dont have every major carl life event commited to memory?  Ill try to study better and take better notes
CTW(141458):  F u u smartassed bitch

BDW (141532):  Go to hell mother fucker
CTW (145930):  There was no fn needed 4 that 1 smartass comment
BDW (150225):  Ur right and 4 that im sorry

Jesus Christ!  What the fuck, man?

And to nizzynizz I apologize for having this whole freakin fight while at lunch with you.  [And she can testify that some of what I said was being a TOTAL smartass, not serious, i.e., the “not that important to you” crap].


Comments on: "WTF?" (2)

  1. First off.. learn your lesson damnit.. stop talking to him. Can you not see that he’s a bit disturbed? Where is the attraction?
    And secondly, stop stalking me at my lunch places.. I saw you there, stealing things from other tables and such..

  2. Good question…
    And I am NOT stalking you, you are stalking me! I *know* we left for lunch before you did :-p

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