02 SEP 05 @ 0930


I just called and made the appointment to have my extractions done.


I’m having FOUR teeth yanked from my head.


I must be out of my flippin’ mind!

Now, most of you may think I’m being an amazing wuss.

You’d be right.

It’s not the pain I’m worried about (although, it does concern me a bit).  It’s the sedation and/or numbing that would need to be done.  See, I’m a SERIOUS control freak.  SERIOUS.  So much so, that it has impacted other parts of my life that should just be fn fun.  I seriously can NOT relinquish control.  I just don’t know how.

HOW am I going to handle being sedated?!  HOW am I going to handle NOT being sedated?!  There’s so much that can happen while sedated.  There’s so much that can happen while recovering from that sedation.

It’s been said, that even for the mildest sedation, you HAVE to have a will to live.  Great, there’s “feel good”.  :-/  I DO have a will to live.  Even when my life has been the absolute pits, SOMETHING in me has kept me here. 

Plus, I’ll have Jacob that weekend.  How f’d up am I going to be?  How much pain will I be in? 

The most significant positive I can come up with?

I won’t be able to eat anything solid for like, YEARS, so I should be quite thin AND have a pretty smile (eventually).  :-p


Comments on: "02 SEP 05 @ 0930" (3)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Enjoy the laughing gas…its awesome!!!!! 🙂

  2. Seriously dear.. I don’t want to say that you’re worrying too much.. but your worrying WAY too much. Its not a conscious thing.. you go to the office, they give you a shot, you close your eyes, an hour or two later, you open them and you have 4 less teeth. There is no Will to Live mumbo jumbo.. do you need a will to live to wake up from a nap? No.. relax.. its a very very common procedure.. you’ll be fine.
    As for waking up from it.. its literally like you blink, and then you blink again and your brain takes over and starts processing.
    As for being f’d up.. they’ll give you pills.. but my advice, just take some tylenol and you’ll be alright. The effects of sedation wear off in a very short amount of time.. pain.. well hey, like you said.. 4 teeth are being pulled from your head. Tylenol will help.. plus, this might be a good time to start drinking brandy 🙂

  3. Seriously, it’s not the pain, it’s the whole control issue. the whole idea of relinquishing control, complete control, to someone I barely know…it’s enough to make me hyper ventilate.
    And I am NOT making that up. The more I think about it, the faster my heart beats and the harder it is to breathe…they’re gonna have to knock me out…UGH
    You know, they could make serious money adding taxi services to the procedure. Then, no one needs to figure out how to get there and home! LOL

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