School Supplies

Someone please tell me I’m not alone.  But I am addicted to stationary supplies.  I have a hard time walking into Staples and not buying crayons, markers, pens, pencils, paper, etc.  And I went in for a school supply sale.  Can you say “DANGER, Will Robinson!”?

I just picked up some school supplies for Jacob.

6 packs of crayons (24-count); 10 folders; 2 pencils (fat); a pencil case; a big ruler (12 inch) and a small ruler (6 inches); safety scissors and a smock.

6 packs of crayons?!?!?  He’s ONE kid!!! 

But, they were only $0.10!!!

I’m just as bad in the grocery store, or Target or Walmart.  If they’re for sale, I want ’em.  Doesn’t matter that I already have 60 notebooks at home.  These are NEW!


I’m hopeless, I swear!


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