A Couple of Pissy Vents


Jacob left his inhalers at his father’s on Sunday.  I called and said that we had ONE of them at camp and that he’d be ok for Monday but could he please OVERNIGHT them to be here on Tuesday.  He put them in the regular mail.  Didn’t get them until Wednesday.  AND they never told the postal service what was in the package.  CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE.  Granted, I don’t think those inhalers would have made much of a boom had they exploded, but he’d have been in SERIOUS trouble if they had.  Dumbass.  Mad at me, fine…take it out on ME, don’t punish your son you bleeding eejit!  I have since gotten new ones and the clear that these (old ones) can be used as back-up, but I’m still freakin seething.  And Jacob had the nerve to give me a lecture last night that his father is a “good fodder.”  NO, I said nothing to him about the Toad’s irresponsibility.  This was after his nightly phone convo with his dad.



Jacob was denied something to drink at camp on Monday.  They were OUTSIDE playing volleyball at the time.  Did I mention that the heat index was in TRIPLE DIGITS that day?!?!  Needless to say, I went “Mama Bear”.  I was very good about it.  Didn’t even cuss.  Well, I said “damn”, but that was the worst.  Basically said that for a child to ask for a drink is a clear indication that he needs it.  Especially while playing outside.  Children are notorious for ignoring every need if they’re in the middle of having fun.  It’s too hot to deny these kids something to drink, EVER.  And Jacob is asthmatic.  They are all DAMN lucky I kept my temper in check.


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