It’s funny, I decided to check his book to see when these teeth actually came in.  The tooth he just lost, was the first one he ever got.  And he lost it almost 6 years to the day!  He got it on 07/25/99.  The first tooth he lost was the second one that ever came in.  He got that one on 07/29/99.  So, for reference:

1st Tooth:
     – Came in:  07/25/99
     – Fell out:  07/06/05

2nd Tooth:
     – Came in:  07/29/99
     – Fell out:  06/11/05

I sure hope he keeps this next set longer than 6 years!  :-p

  The bloody gum

The proud BIG BOY!

Toothless Grin

The tooth

As you can probably tell, Jacob has a HORRIBLE grinding problem.  His top teeth are basically gone due to the grinding.  Those will have to be pushed out by the new teeth…doubt there will be much for the tooth fairy to reward, but I hope we can resolve the grinding issue before all of his adult teeth come in.  We go to the dentist sometime next month, I will be jumping on possibly getting a bite plate.

My baby is no longer a baby.  😦  (Yes, I know, he hasn’t been a “baby” for a long time)


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